Last weeks game of the 23/24 season took us to Sevenoaks for our second away game of the year.

The game started and Southgate came out strong playing at a high tempo and dominating possession across the pitch. However, Sevenoaks had their moments too playing direct style of hockey. Unfortunately, a corner was awarded to Sevenoaks in the first quarter resulting in a deflection taking the ball into the goal. Southgate found themselves 1-0 down going after the first quarter.

The score line did not deter Southgate’s game and remained on top of Sevenoaks in play throughout the quarter. Southgate achieved some circle outcomes in this quarter with a corner coming very close from a move between Ami Robinson and Jess Denniff hitting a Sevenoaks player close to the goal which was subsequently given as a free hit to the opposition. However, Sevenoaks continued to have sparse attacked in the quarter and a strong baseline entry resulted in a first-time finish leaving them 2-0 going into half time.

Southgate felt very disappointed to be 2-0 down having had strong periods of possession however, there were 35 more minutes to play for Southgate to claw back the game. The 3rd quarter was a excellent display of hockey from Southgate in which Southgate was rewarded with a goal from Charlotte Kelly from a fast break in play. This was complemented by a number of corners won. At the close of this quarter the momentum lay with Southgate and proved a key final quarter incoming.

With Southgate needing to score to get an outcome from the game, the team came out hard pushing for opportunities at goal. However, unfortunately two counter attacks from Sevenoaks resulted in a lapse of defence from Southgate which unfortunately gifted Sevenoaks 2 more goals. The team kept pushing till the end however, the game finished 4-1 to Sevenoaks.

A tough result to take given the overall performance from Southgate however the team is ready to learn from this game and take on Barnes at home this weekend.