Full Time 7-0

report by Nigel Spencer-Knott

Thanks for letting me loose on the Old Loughtonians Scarlets today.  We won 7 – 0 which is the main point and played very well as a team.

Duncan Trathen opened the scoring from the pressure around the goal keeper in the first quarter of an hour.  Prior to that at the ten minute mark a young Lout swished his stick upwards and caught Pom a nasty blow just under the left eye, the resulting bruise popped and there was a modicum of blood, luckily for us Justin was still at the Chingford club and tidied him up professionally.  

On the hockey pitch Southgate Tankards/5A continued to dominate the game, keeping the ball in their half as much as possible, four more goals followed in this first half.  There were two more in the second half. Biffi got our seventh from a short corner high into the top right.  Sohan Dhana managed two goals (one in each half) and Brian Woolcott claimed one just before Duncan confirmed the balls entry into the right hand side of the goal. I believe Arun Solanki claimed one and Antony Spencer another. Nice plate of chips and a beer afterwards.

Several players had excellent games, generally a good team effort especially the sixth goal which came from four or so neat passes for Sohan to strike a hard shot into the net.