Southgate Shots vs Southgate Hotshots

Hotshots W 5-1

report by Eva Spithout

This week there was an intense game played between the Southgate shots and the Southgate hotshots, even if not reflected in the outcome. Unfortunately, from the start, the shots didn’t have a goalkeeper but this did not stop them from putting up a good fight. In the first half of the game, the shots with 11 outfield players, had a strong attack which made the hotshots defence work very hard. The shots captain, Sum Sze, made sure that everyone’s spirits were lifted and that we kept fighting even after the first goal scored by the hotshots. Following the first goal, 4 more goals were made by the Hotshots and the shots were in a bit of a downfall but kept their heads held high. 

DSC05955 Megan Lam driving into the circle for a Hotshots attack – Jo Price
DSC05956  Good defence from the Shots causing the ball to go wide – Jo Price
DSC05957 Debutante Fran Fell tenacious in the tackle  with Clem Mcquoid – Jo Price

From the start, Olivia, playing for the hotshots, decided to take on a new role as a goalkeeper and showed everyone she is not someone to mess around with. She had a few amazing blocks and her team was definitely very pleased with her.  

In the second half, the shots had an amazing attacking play which led to an assist from Kirsten back to the top of the D where Eva was positioned to push the ball alongside the goalkeeper into the goal. This was a good turning point for the shots to give them a bit of energy for the end of the game and maybe even gave them a little bit of hope.  

DSC05959  U14 junior Julie Matsuo showing her skill – Jo Price

DSC05969 Hotshots Lottie Rachel up against Shots captain Sum Sze Tam – Jo Price
DSC05972 Hotshots Lottie Rachel on the ball with top goalscorer Ella Duthie  in tandem – Olivia Jeeves in defence for Shots – Jo Price

With the final score being 1-5 to the Southgate hotshots, it is fair to say that it was not just a walkover and that the shots put up an amazing fight. As so said by the brilliant fans on the side-line, it was a very good and interesting match to watch, which is what we always like to hear. 

DSC05976  Hotshots VC Zoe Griffiths driving the ball out of defence up against Eva Spithout – Jo Price
DSC05980   Determined defence from Shots midfielder Anna Richardson up against Fran Fell – Jo Price