Southgate Snipers vs Winchmore Hill & Enfield 1’s

Won 6-0 

(report by Alastair Whatley)

After a resounding victory against the Adelaide Griffins the Snipers took aim in a sea of grey cloud and honey dewed rain which turned our trusty Sand Pitch into an oil slick as conditions turned to favour only the brave.

Winchmore and Enfield proved a stronger test than the Griffins and deflected the Snipers press and forays into their D. Lewis Hollett commanding in midfield with some keen running from Antony and Brian on the flanks eventually led to a Lewis razor sharp pin pointed PC conversion before there then followed another leaving the W&E back on his heels and the Snipers marching into a 2-0 lead at half time.

Captain Alastair Whatley (self appointed due to original Captain on last minute family duties left a hole in our number) deferred and delegated to Todd Lomas who gave a rousing half time team talk and the snipers hit the second half running much faster and even harder. James Rushton kept cool and calm at centre back, Joe Kelly running the right wing back line and James Findlay making his Sniper debut on the left wing all kept the pace up but it was Harry Haynes who did something ridiculous with a tomahawk to awake the Gods that led the earth to tremble and the opposition to quake. 3-0. Ben BC was on form throughout the game and all over the field passing, running, moving and sometimes even shooting. The full monty.

Kabir Bowry had an outstanding run throughout and commanded the forwards from a top diamond position and that consent press led to a counter attack driven in by Alastair Whatley and slotted with a rare moment of calm precision past the Winchmore Goalie, who was beginning to get a bit irate at this point.

Two more goals followed from Harry and Lewis who netted his hat-trick to take the Snipers to a clear victory. A stronger second half and a team beginning to cohere nicely with some good flowing hockey.

Thanks to umpire Paul Creeley for enduring the conditions and keeping the game moving.