Tankards winning goal from newest (BTH) Recruit Peter Roughton.

Result : WIN 3-2 vs Stevenage 4

Match Report : Nigel Spencer-Knott

Tankards welcomed Colin Warne and Tim Gingell from the upper echelons of Southgate HC to
bolster the team. Also welcomed was Peter Roughton, a Back to Hockey (BTH) player now 44 and
ready to start again. He began at right mid and immediately sprinted around the pitch but was not
very secure in this role and took a break after ten minutes. At this moment a penalty corner to
Stevenage became a penalty flick which they converted. One down.

Nigel Spencer-Knott replaced Peter with plans for Peter to change with Brian Woolcott ten minutes
later. Stevenage were a very active side but poor in execution until they got another short corner
and the resulting shot was sent in on the edge of the left post. 2 nil down. Tankards were all over
their goal area but we kept missing the target.

In the second half our pressure continued and one shot was helped in by Patti and restored Tankards
passion to do better. A second goal came from a Tony Mastroddi flick from the right side of the D.

Tankards continued to pressurise the Stevenage defence but when they escaped to our end we were
very lucky that they did not score, thanks due to Colin covering and some excellent interceptions by
Robin Tullo. Pom (Andrew Pomiankowski) also helped out in these dying minutes of the game by
blocking Stevenage’s attempts. In the last few minutes of the game Tankards’ pressure on the
opposition goal paid off with shots at their goal until their right back was about to push the ball away
and the ever nuisance to the opposition, Peter crashed the ball and stick of the right back into the
net. All legit stuff but perhaps a bit of Rugby history in his background. Now Tankards were winning
3 – 2 and kept it.

Thanks go to Tim and Colin as a duo regularly initiating good hockey moves. Colin’s presence in all
areas at crucial times earned him Man of the Match.