Match Report by Sue Cameron

Having been promoted from “running the line’ to “team manager.” The W4s were expecting great things this week. We had a solid team, a couple of subs including a lovely new addition – welcome Genevive T , a home game on Pitch 1, plenty of sweets …..what could go wrong?

Shout outs this week again to Lena ( or maybe Liz ) whose partner was late to the club and so she literally left Liz in the clubhouse holding the baby!  To Julie, who silently and skilfully worked the line up and down all match, and Jo B who is the most vocal, supportive encouraging CB around.

The home side scored within the first 7 minutes with a beauty of a pass by Lucy within our own half to Millie who carried it down the pitch, passing to Michelle at the top of the D who skilfully passed the goalie to pop it in. 1-0. Ten minutes later Wanderers got their first which they followed up with a second just before half time.

The second half produced chances for both sides, we tried some new formations in SCs which though were unsuccessful this time round, were closer and we should continue to develop those ideas.  Olvia Rick in goal made a couple of blinding saves to keep us within reach of a point but it was not to be this week and so we recorded our first loss of the season.

Final Result 1-2

Next week we have the joys of travelling to East London and I think I shall go back to” running the line’ and leave the “managing” to those who know what they are doing!

MVP – Genevive T