Thrilling encounter showcases W6’s resilience under Richmond pressure

Match Report by Kim Bishop-Laggett

0-2 Loss vs Richmond

In a thrilling encounter at Southgate, the W6s faced off against Richmond Women’s 5s in a hard-fought battle. Despite the final scoreline of 2-0 in favour of Richmond, the match was marked by outstanding performances and efforts from the Southgate side.

With many of our players having played earlier in the day for the W5s, surprisingly the game began with high intensity as both teams showcased their determination to dominate the field. The Women’s 6s, led by their captain, rallied their spirits. We continue to welcome new players into the fold and these fresh faces wasted no time in making an impact. We took the opportunity for people to step up and try new positions and skills, with one player successfully defending her first short corner and others taking responsibility for free hits across the pitch.

Throughout the match, the W6s faced the challenge of tiring legs as doubling up players began to take its toll. However, our resilience and teamwork shone through, ensuring that we remained competitive against the formidable opposition.

At halftime, the scoreline stood at a tightly contested 1-0 in favour of Richmond. Despite the deficit, the Women’s 6s refused to relent, continuing to press forward with determination and grit. A standout performance came from Andrea, who marked her debut at centre midfield and earning the well-deserved “Player of the Match”.

Though the final whistle signalled a 2-0 defeat for the W6s, their performance was far from disappointing. With new players stepping up and established ones showcasing their resilience, the team demonstrated their potential for future success.