Tough 4-0 Loss for the Ladies 1s vs Barnes


MoM : Frankie Cox

DoD : Lucy Leel

This weekend saw a top of the table clash: Southgate vs Barnes. After a loss last week at home, Southgate looked to capitalize on this match by jumping back. Following a good buzz from our warm up, we felt ready to take on Barnes.

Turnovers from our outlet caught us once again and we found it difficult to react well under Barnes’ pressure. After relieving some pressure and attaining a short corner, Barnes defending well with a save one the line from one of Katie’s drag flicks. An outlet error, from which Barnes capitalized on, meant that we were suddenly on the back foot. Despite momentous efforts from the midfield we struggled to get the ball up the pitch – at half time the score was 2-0 .

The second half saw Southgate come back fighting and a flood of motivation from Hannah Kilpatrick saw some more outcomes and possession in their half: balls whistled across the face of goal, an unlucky deflection off target by inches, and some good saves by their keeper meant that we struggled to get the ball in the back of the net. Some pivotal decisions by the umpires meant that we were unlucky with turnover, and after two scrappy goals in the last quarter, the game ended 4-0. As usual we will look to train hard this week and work on our weaknesses ready for another top 4 clash with Wimbledon at home on Saturday.