Unlucky Shift from the Women’s 2’s

It was an early start for the women’s 2s on Saturday, commencing their journeys to West London at around 8:30am… Many coffees and bananas were consumed and we were raring to go. This week the 2s welcomed juniors Sydney & Lily, who were an asset to the squad and a pleasure to play with.

The drive (or several bus journeys… cough cough Emily & Maddy) took longer than anticipated and it meant we had to adapt to having a shorter warmup than usual. The adrenaline was pumping (even though the crowds were not at that time), and the whistle went. We looked strong on the counter for the majority of the game, with both Shoiri and Sheff giving us an aerial masterclass! Despite the number of times the ball entered our attacking 25, we could not convert as well as Surbiton not being able to either, and we went into half time 0-0.

Our play throughout the entire game looked promising and there were several moments of really good hockey. Our first goal came from Emily RH with a tap in the D. However, small blips in our concentration and strong counter attacks from Surbiton resulted in them securing the first goal to equalise. As the game went on, Surbiton were quick to react and managed to score another two goals. Final result 3-1 loss.

It was unfortunate as we felt our overall game as a squad was consistent and competitive, however, we will be bringing this necessary drive and hunger to our penultimate game at home this Saturday!

This week’s MOM went to Shoiri, who was an absolute powerhouse in defence and showed so much composure. DOD was awarded to the one and only Emma Cox, who “left” her shoe on the pitch after the game which magically turned up on a picnic bench after match teas!