W1s continue to rack up goals and close gap to top of the table!

Result : 4-0 WIN vs Ham & West 2

Match Report :

With the second half of the season in full swing, the Womens 1s set out to secure another win against Hampstead and Westminister 2s. Having played them in the first half of the season the L1s knew this would be no easy job.

With two of the ladies 1s WAGS or is it HABS?? wanting out of the supporters area and in on the action, Kieran and Ollie Payne stepped in as interim coaches to which we are very grateful. So with our trusted manager Francis keeping us right on the subs, and our new inspirational hockey player turned coach, as well as Ollie Payne, our support team were looking rather fine. Now it was over to the L1s.

The game got off to a cracking start and Ham & West came out strong, eager to make Southgate work and gave players little time on the ball. It was in the second quarter that Southgate started to find their groove with a nifty carry from Ellie Rob in screen and then presented the ball to Jess in the D who finished it off perfectly. Southgate in the lead by a goal.

Southgate were hungry for more. Philly skilfully dribbled the ball into the attacking D but was met with a very crowded area and not many options. Then when a H&W defender dropped to the ground and desperately started to shovel the ball away, Philly dug deep until the umpire deemed it a penalty flick to Southgate. Bravely stepping up to the mark Jess seamlessly flicked the ball right passed the keeper. 2-0 Southgate.

Half time arrived, and following a tactical and fiery team talk, Southgate were ready for more. With a slight mishap on the bench, Southgate started out with 10 players. Although Southgate were leading by 2, now was not the time to be cocky and an 11th player quickly raced on.

The third quarter saw another penalty flick awarded to Southgate, and of course Jess was the go to, and pinged it straight into the top right corner, Jess was now 2 for 2.

Although Southgate had the confidence of 3 goals under their belt, the pressure on the defence was still very much felt. H&W were not going down without a fight. Stellar performances from Buzz and Ellie Hal in the back line ensured Southgate didn’t let any goals slip through and the work rate from the screens was also very much appreciated as they dropped back to cover the overload when H&W sat players high. Southgate showed true team work in both attack and defence throughout the match.

In the final quarter H&W were throwing everything they had to steal back a goal, but in fact it went the other way. Jess carried the ball into their D and delivered a strong and accurate pass to Char on the post who expertly deflected it into the goal. Southgate 4, H&W 0.

After a bit of playing it safe around the back and some clock munching balls hit down the line, the final whistle blew and 3 points were awarded to Southgate.

Southgate L1s now face Wayfarers at home next week, so get on down to the club and support the ladies as they fight for another few points on the scoreboard.