W2 Bittersweet Barnes Defeat

Loss 4-2 vs Barnes 2

Match Report by Jess Hurley

Unfortunate loss for the Women’s 2s

Due to the unprecedented weather forecast prior to the end of the first half of the season, our game against Barnes was postponed. The rearrangement match took place this past weekend, on a ‘not so warm’ Saturday afternoon. The team was raring to go and get back into some action after a three-week break. 

The game started off with the intensity we desired; Southgate had control over the Barnes side and created some promising sets of play going forward. The first goal was awarded to the mighty Southgate after some exceptional play from Emily RH in the forward line, giving Southgate the lead. However, Barnes was quick to respond and managed to equalise the scoreline only 4 minutes later…

Emily RH was yet again to score Southgates second (as well as her second) goal of the game, after a phenomenal pass from Jess Begg at the back straight to Emily to defeat Barnes goalkeeper on a 1v1.

It was looking promising to Southgate throughout the match; however, with two further goals being disallowed for us and Barnes managing to secure two goals from back-to-back PCA’s, it resulted in an unfortunate (and very likely undeserved) 4-2 loss. 

 Our Man of the Match was awarded to Portia D. for her strong and dominant performance in the midfield line. DOD was awarded to myself… (Jess H) for accidentally sending the incorrect postcode for the match to the whole team, resulting in a few people heading to the wrong pitch.

Despite this bittersweet loss, we were able to turn things around for our game the following day (match report to follow). We look forward to playing back on home soil next week against Chiswick and hopefully securing our first home win in 2024.