W2’s take home another 3 points at home!

Wow would you look at that
thayers slayers don’t only just bring good chat

a 4-1 win for charlie’s angels
scoring didn’t seem too painful

now we step up into fifth
do i hear promotion or is that a myth?

you’re probably wondering who scored all the goals
so get ready for a little drumroll

the one and only Bethan first slots hers in
nice and slick, an easy one in the bin

Jennie steps up and twats the fecker
so quickly the defenders couldn’t check her

Coxy scores another goal…
this really shouldn’t be a shock to y’all

one thing has to be mentioned…
and that was Sheff’s unbelievable deflection

some solid defence from the back
you should have really seen those slick ass slaps

shout out goes to Shiori for playing ill
but that did not stop her from showing us her skill

the sweet choice was a solid 8 out of 10
well done maddy, the self nominated sweet cap(ten)

MOM goes to Caitlin for some apparently good skill
and for setting up a goal, brill

DOD also goes to Caitlin for her ongoing dry spell
no seriously, the goal moves everytime there is a shot, what the hell

this week we’re going urban
and take on surbiton

so that’s it from us

#toiletbrushwitharms over and out