W3s won, they nearly lost, but they won!

Match Report : Flo Watkinson

Result : Southgate 5 : 3 Wanderers 2

The team rocked up sharp at 12:30, raring for the 13:30 start, PMA going strong (not to be confused with PMS) we were ready to continue our winning streak. Unfortunately the match before was running 15 mins late so our positivity had to be rationed throughout the warm up. Thankfully this had little to no affect on our general performance as we (particularly myself) are no stranger to the odd delay, it did however seem to catch the oppo off guard as I’m sure you cannot wait to hear more about during this riveting read…

We started with a strong lineup, Harry manning the subs on the sideline and began with such pace that for a moment I was ever so slightly concerned I was on the wrong pitch. Ball pace was high and passes were being made with an artistic accuracy which almost made me weep, this excellent performance resulted in COB scoring the first two goals of the match in quick succession. Somewhere among the flurry of Southgate’s scoring opportunities came the dreaded counter attack, which resulted in a beautiful foul (credit entirely to Ellie) which thankfully saved us conceding the first goal but unfortunately gained Ellie a yellow card as she was shunned from the pitch directly into the sun binal resulting in a short corner. This was no threat to my mighty defence as it was ultimately cleared.

The third goal of the match came from Maz, I cannot rembermber it but I’m sure it demonstrated some lovely hockey. Unfortunately due to some dodgey footwork from someone in our defensive D a short corner was given. The blame can entirely be put down the myself for this goal as for some reason I decided to enter a mildly catatonic state and my legs would not close. Some words of profanity were muttered between myself and Big Liv concerning my mildly appalling performance but with our PMAs intact we secured ourself the fourth goal of the match attributed to the young Hillary who pulled an incredible shot, flying straight past the keeper’s head into the top right so props to Hills, absolutely cracking stuff.

We hit half time and I’m not entirely sure what happened but there was a deffinate decline in productivity. Two more goals were conceded, to preserve my pride I’d rather not discuss this further. After this the opposition unleashed a brutal attack on our little Liv rendering her unworthy for the pitch after both stick and ball collided with her abdomen. Following this act of violence in conjunction with one of my own a metaphorical rocket seems to have been placed in a place where I definitely never want a literal rocket and I begun doing as goalies are expected to do and moves. Shocking. The match entered a period of tension which felt almost as frosty as the British weather which by the way is setting in (bring coats on Wednesday gals!)

In The famous words of mim; “We won. We almost lost. But we won. So it’s ok. The end” and win we did, as in the final few minutes of the match our tenacity was rejuvinalised (new word) with Ella the Brella securing us another goal just to make sure our victory could not be doubted. An absolutely wonderful performance from all, love Flo xx
(This weeks MOM and permanent mascot 💪) (and GK)