W4 in stoic form to take point in hard fought draw

Southgate W4 vs West Hampstead W4
1-1 Draw
Match Report by Sue Cameron

This Saturday saw the fours highlighted team of the week. – or as it has become known… the kiss of death.

Friday night saw Michelle with an exciting team of 16 encompassing lots of juniors ,so extra sweets were purchased. Saturday morning saw a team of 12, but it was a strong team, and spirits were high.

The biggest shout out this week goes to Lena who had no childcare but still came, but probably, more importantly to the wonderful mums of Niah, Amba and Kitty for literally holding the baby so Lena was able to play. Hugely grateful to the three of you for that.

The fours are a resilient bunch and a short corner in the first half led to a goal from Megan and we were 1-0 up within the first ten mins, but 15 minutes in West Hampstead replied and levelled at 1-1.

Both sides had countless chances but neither were able to score, Jo B at the back simply superb as always and literally ended up on the floor ensuring a goal was stopped.

Rhi turned up to support not 100% well – but was promptly sent to the changing rooms to kit up and sub on ( thank you Rhi xx)

So, it ended 1-1, still a point but we had expected more from ourselves this week.

MVP – Kitty ….. and the mums holding the baby 🙂