W4’s in hotly contested North London Derby that wasn’t to be!

Match Report by Sue Cameron

This week we were joined by four new players Ava, Lauren, Sophie and a big thank you to Georgie for literally agreeing to play an hour before meet time due to Olivia Rick being unwell. This now takes our total up to 45 ladies who have played fours this season – not that it’s a competition or anything, but I hear the threes are somewhere similar!

Without our usual midfield available we were forced to make some changes moving Millie, Lucy, Asha and Daisy. The first half started brilliantly, Millie breaking through the oppo to find Alex 1-0, 6 mins in. The first half remained all Southgate’s way, superb pressure from the ladies with lovely joined up play from Ava and Annabelle and excellent defence from the oppo. At half time we apologised to Georgie who literally hadn’t seen the ball near her goal.

But this was all to change in the second half – a few formation changes and the opposition upping their game, man marking our most dangerous players and increasing their intensity led to a hotly contested battle for midfield. We conceded twice within a few mins and with ten minutes to go, we were 3-1 down. Back to first half formation, short corner awarded, smacked by Millie, deflected by a defender and ensured by Annabelle gave us our second, we were so close to securing a draw but it was not to be.

Final score 3-2 and MVP to Daisy who was simply outstanding today.

This is my final game “helping” (I use that word in the loosest term) the fours this season, and I have to give a huge shout out to the “core fours” and their wonderful captain, Michelle. It has been a very happy team and a lovely environment to be a part of and Michelle works hard to ensure this both on and off the pitch.

This role has given me insight into the amount of effort that is put in to ensuring the right players are in the right teams at the right time (when availability allows!). Kim, Bhu, Michelle and Mim work relentlessly for the 3s,4s,5s, and 6s to secure teams each week regardless of changing availability. If next season, you are asked to help run the line, write a match report or bring sweets please do!

But for now, I look forward to a glass wine on the balcony watching the Summer League matches unfold.

Happy Easter x