W6 in valiant battle with Wapping

W6 match report by Kim Bishop-Laggett

The view and the lovely sunny drive to Wapping bought us positive energy and good team spirit, knowing our fate was in the hands of God, the oppo to play a baddish game and for Derv to make the start of the game, after going to the opposite side of Wapping, by bus.

Within a few minutes of the game, we conceded our first goal and soon enough, another four followed, before the half time whistle was blown.
We stood our ground second half, but the constant attack to our goal had exhausted our defence and the whole team and tiredness began to show.

My dive to the floor shielding the ball for a few seconds although heroic looking, was purely to rest and wait for Bragg to get herself back and help.

Kim, Bragg, Jo and Dervla were Titans at the back today and deflected most of the bombardment of shots on goal.

Claire, Hannah and Kate did well to keep the constant attack through the middle controlled and ran back to help defend constantly.
Lily and Lynn ran their socks off and even had an opportunity to run up the pitch and break through their defence.

With just ten players against the top of the league side, it was a big ask to win. To add salt to the wounds, we had to contend with the relentless chanting from the well oiled crowd watching on the sideline, which was more off putting than some of the decisions given by their umpires.
Asking the umpire to stop the game and sort them out, was unfortunately our only victory today.

9-0, but a great team effort. Couldn’t have asked for more from the team, it was a battle lost, but 100% effort from all the team. Thanks as always to the wise words and guidance of Howie and Stroller – we really appreciate it. We go again next week at home.