3-3 Draw and a Black Eye

We travelled away to East London this weekend to the home of the London Royals, a very colourful team and an equally colourful pitch.

We went quickly up 2-0 within the first 15mins of the match courtesy of lovely joined up play between Millie, Niah and Olivia. But they were equally quick to respond and 20 minutes in it was 2-0.

Outstanding work at the back from Jo B and Asha ensured it stayed that way. It was another scorching day for the ladies and we struggled to maintain the intensity shown at the start of the match.

In the last ten minutes of the half Daisy took a nasty ball to the face and will be sporting an absolute shiner for the next week but the utter trouper she is, she sat in the dugout supporting her team with an ice pack and a bag of sweets and even stayed for teas.

Overheard early in the second half can only be described as Quote of the day “ You are being really kind to us today -thanks!” from London Royals CB to the umpire, and that kind of sums up the game really.

The royals scored from a breakaway move 10 mins into the second half with Michelle responding soon after to level the scoreboard once again and whilst a last 5 minute surge at the end from midfielders and forwards galore, it was not quite enough to get another over the line.