Biggins bags brace as U18s dominate in Loughts rout

Southgate U18 Boys v Old Loughts U18 Boys

4-0 FT

(2-0) HT

Southgate vs Loughts 2.0 – this time in the EH Tier Cup

After 5 years of thrashings against Old Loughts and a class act comeback win of the Gate in the first act of this season’s encounters 2 weeks ago, it was now time to also kick the old foe out of the Cup competition for the first time.

After a swift warm up the boys danced onto the pitch with confidence high as we took on the fatigued Loughton team. The game was under way and most of us still seemed to be in the football mindset as KG was complaining about the Liverpool game. I myself may have thought that this was still the warm-up when I thought I would test Joshim’s first touch as the opposition coach was diving out the way.

Another lacklustre 15 minutes later saw Guy on one of his head down and dribble head space winning us a penalty corner. Up steps the lad named Will and boom, there it was …. The opener which should release a whole can of worms for the opposition for the remainder of the match. A short couple minutes had passed and we surrounded their D again winning the next penalty corner. Joergs wanted to let Kyle free with a “bulletproof” routine that hadn’t worked once in training. However, Big Will’s casual confidence gave Kyle a break and taking it himself. Same routine, same corner, same irritated goalie and linesman. 2-0.

After deciding to practise going down to 10 men for 2 mins, we were briefly under the pressure with the opposition attempting to fire the ball into the D time after time. It was tough but a menacing KG intimidated them back to their halfway line. Passing it to their LB who missed the ball. Bigz shouted a rather unpleasant comment that got in the young stallions head:”we know who the weak link is fellas”.

After a deserved halftime break with Joergs not letting us back in the pitch. We finally begun. And wow did we have a convincing performance. Like a European Holcombe side the boys finally knew how to keep the ball on the floor as Bigz flurocently guided the ball onto the main man Reggies stick who wasn’t looking at the balcony this time, probably because there was no balcony on pitch 2 at Old Loughtonians. 3-0 and this was in fact tiki-taka-Guardiola-would-be-proud hockey. We continued in that manner and finally, short after Freddie’s swing and miss, KG found himself on top of the D taking the ball onto the half volley with raw power, no curve but just slamming it into the keeper. Kyle was there on the rebound and to tidy the mess up. 4-0 …. And very well deserved.

Highlights aside from the tiki-taka hockey include:

cold match teas

cold showers

my wrongful DOD

Bigz Will MOM

Saj dad-style getting sent off

Goal Scorers:

Will Biggins (2)

Reggie Hopson

Kyle Shah


Will Biggins