4s aim high in thrilling showdown against Richmond

2-1 Loss

Match report by Alessandro Onano

Fresh from the lacklustre and losing performance in the previous week against Barnes, the 4s were called to redemption in the challenging clash away against Richmond 3, one of the direct competitors for the 4th place, our season’s objective.

The final result saw the home team win 2-1, but the glass is half full for the red and blacks, who, at least in terms of intensity and determination, redeemed themselves from the recent performances.

The game was decided by some unfortunate incidents (and a few rather bizarre decisions by the referees who denied at least two clear flicks to Southgate).

The score was settled with two goals scored in the first half: the first on the counter-attack, with Richmond cleverly exploiting the 2 vs 1 numerical advantage against our goalkeeper Sam and the classic last-minute short corner.

For the rest of the match, our team dominated territorially but couldn’t capitalise on numerous opportunities in front of the goal. Zech’s beautiful goal in the middle of the second half, a classy drag flick into the top corner in a one-on-one with the opposing goalkeeper, remained isolated, and the comeback, which would have been well-deserved, ultimately eluded us.

Now, it’s all about focusing on Saturday’s match against Wapping: the 4th place objective is still within reach, but there’s no room for error anymore.