A bittersweet 2-1 loss for the W2s in the deep ends of North Dulwich

2-1 Loss vs Tulse Hill & Dulwich
Match report by Jess Hurley

This week we faced a journey & a half to North Dulwich, on a rather gloomy Saturday afternoon to take on THD 1s. Our previous encounter with them resulted in a 1-0 win for the Gate, from a marvelous interception from Maddy D at the top of the circle. We knew how close this previous game was, and were looking forward to facing yet another close battle with them.

The pace on and off the ball from both sides was maintained throughout, with opportunities arising from both Southgate and THD. Despite not playing our best game of hockey ever, we managed to secure the first goal of the game, created by a lovely set of play down the wing, for junior Ella C to slip it past the goalkeeper. Southgate went into half time 1-0 up.

THD were fast to respond and managed to get their first goal from a well executed PCA. From here on, Southgate took a few knocks (literally to Jess B’s head). However, the good egg she is she was fit to carry on. Many many many green cards were welcomed within the second half of the game, as well as a yellow for our injured soldier, Portia, who suffered an ankle injury towards the end of the game.
It wasn’t meant to be for Southgate on this particular day, with THD securing their second goal of the game from a drag flick PCA… final score was 2-1 to THD.

MOM votes were distributed across the team, including fine performances from Defenders Lucy S & Milly P, however the MOM for this day was awarded to Co-captain Susie, for her composure and consistency in the middle.
DOD however was awarded to myself (hence the one writing up this match report), for
1) Forgetting to bring Susie’s stick to the game
2) For getting sandwiched between two of their players
3) For spending most of the game on the floor 🙂

Anywho… we move onto this weeks game against London Wayfarers at home (as well as it being my last game for the Gate before heading out to Oz). A win is on the horizon!