5A toil hard with no reward as Flack earns his spurs in Letchworth

So, how to make a third consecutive defeat for the 5A’s into an interesting match report for the newsletter and recognise that our hosts, Letchworth, were deserved winners (more thanks to their excellent defence than their attacks) even though we had the majority of possession, more short corners and lots of strong individual performances.
As usual, we went one-nil down early in the first half, against the run of play. Nothing to be worried about there and already Woody was looking in good form, Chris’s Ray and Rouse were driving midfield and our forwards Freddie, Rob and James’s Wood and Finlay (showered before the match) all looking dangerous. Inevitably we would be back on level pegging before long….but attacks came and went, picked off by one of two very good central defenders, short corners came and went and the umpire’s half time whistle came and went…. lots of action but no goals for Southgate.
The second half rather followed the first…we conceded a goal. Two down but lots of time to go. Youngsters James Wood and Freddie Bachler threatened from their respective wings. Oli Yaoz was dangerous from right-mid – a hattrick for Tankards last week – surely another this week!
Our Man of the Match, Leon Flack (our mid-season transfer target from Cheshunt) had a stroming game – breaking down their counter attacks time after time, tuning defence into attack and fending off Letchworth from the halfway line.
Despite the constant threat from Woody, Rob and Chris Ray’s forays into the Letchworth D there was always a stick in the way, with few shots for their keeper to make.
And there Saturday ended – the Men’s 1’s lost and so did the 5A’s – good company to keep – next week we’ll be together for all the right reasons…