98- 1998 Early Southgate Supporters Club

The next few weeks we are digging into members archives to relive some memorable and some less memorable moments pitch-side and behind the bar. We kick off back heading back to 1998. For those needing a jolt down memory lane this was the year of Britney Spears, Buff the Vampire Slayer, All Saints, the Furby and the film Titanic. It was also as the photo below suggests the year of the magnificent Shell Suit…

From Kim’s archive:

“This photos is from a first team game at Broomfield School, the Astro we used whilst we were still based at the Walker Ground pre 1998. This would probably be when Wiz (Tony Wizek) made it into the 1st team as he’s not in the photo. We usually preceded these games with a Sunday lunch at the Woolpack.”

There is a prize offered to anyone writing in naming all the names behind the faces… answers to southgatehc.newsletter1@gmail.com