SOUTHGATE PEOPLE – Charlotte Childs

This week we are delighted to be sharing an interview with Ladies 1’s captain Charlotte Childs. You can enjoy hearing all about Charlotte’s journey with Southgate and her take on the ladies 1’s season so far! 

When did you and what led you to join Southgate HC?

I joined Southgate last season (2019/20), having just graduated from Durham and was moving North of London for work. I’d heard only good things about the club and was keen for fun, positive vibes which is exactly what I got when arriving.

Before you joined where did you play?

I had been playing for Durham University Hockey Club for the 3 years prior to joining Southgate with Ellie Rob whose back at the gate this year. Joined the growing Durham alumni contingent at the gate! I played at East Grinstead before that, whilst at school.

What have been the highlights of your time at the club?

Training and playing with such a top group of ladies from the get go has been class. This season, coming away with 3 points from the nail-baiter of a game; SG v Canterbury, is definitely up there.

How long have you been captain/coached X team?
How has the team been getting on this season?

This is my first season as captain of the L1s, an unfortunately, covid-ridden one so far… But am keeping everything crossed so that we can get back on pitch again to regain the momentum that we had throughout September and October. With 5 wins from 6, we sit 2nd in the league with 1 point in it to take that top spot (and we’ve still TOTL to play!) I know everyone is looking forward to getting back to on pitch and back to our A game as soon as it’s safe to do so.

What have been the challenges that have come with the job? (What is most important part of the job…?)

I think the most important part, and possibly the biggest challenge, of any captaincy is being the support link between coaches and players. Finding that happy medium to get the best out of the team and give ourselves the best shot at promotion this year.

When not captaining or coaching what do you in your non hockey life?

Well… if anything, lockdown has forced me to find the life outside of hockey. Who knew?!  I’m a Biology teacher off pitch, currently studying my PGCE, and love all things competitive and sport-related; I do hate losing, but when push comes to shove, I ‘think’ I still do it with a smile on my face.

What are your hockey ambitions for your team, for you and for the club?

As a team, I’d like to see us continue to contest and take each game as it comes, ultimately striving for promotion, or at least to be in a position where we are massively competing for that opportunity. As a club, we are moving in a wholly positive direction. The ladies’ section consists of 5 strong, competitive teams and I am looking forward to seeing the successes and promotions that is to come. With a growing number of juniors playing through the ladies’ sides, the future is bright. I want continue to get my competitive fix from the sport that I love playing, made even better by playing with a cracking bunch of teammates.