A Fairy Tale afternoon at Southgate!!

What was already a perfect day for the Southgate Ladies Teams became even more remarkable at 5.30. After a great game of Hockey against a good Sonning team with a fine individual performance by captain Emma Cox things went from great to sublime when Men’s 2s player, Ollie Wickham, went on to the pitch and  proposed to her in front of a gallery of getting on for a hundred well wishers. She said YES!!

The setup could not have been better. Emma scored in the 1st half but Sonning equalised. A tense game could have gone either way but in the last 30 seconds Emma scored the winner. The balcony went absolutely berserk. Then all the rest of the team rushed away from Emma in the dugout leaving her to discuss tactics….and walk back across the pitch to be met at the centre spot by Ollie in his white shirt, kneeling!!

Oh yes; there was more hockey. Wins for 4s, 5s, 6s and a draw for the 3s. What a day!!