A poem for the W2’s

whilst we have added to our losing streak
the game wasn’t all that bleak

we start it off with caitlin bringing none of her stuff
having washed none of her kit…the smell was rather rough

sheff then decides to rock up without her stick
but coxy comes to the rescue, resolving it quick

it wasnt long before our next problem
with no white shirts as no one can be asked to buy em

thank the lord sheff brought 2 million tops
oh yes and we have no Charles…the issues have got to stop

now i’ll talk about the actual game
i know you’re probably thinking the same

wapping took an early lead
but jennie scores in a corner, you wouldn’t believe

wapping then scored not once but twice
but we got another corner and lottie slots the ball in…ooff it was nice

we continue to battle hard
and for that, emily and maddy got given cards

caitlin just runs onto the pitch for no reason
and not the first time we have had 12 on this season

she then body slams the goalie
who goes down like a rollie pollie

but don’t worry as jess decides she wants to play with Rhi’s stick
and for this, she was (once again) voted dick

it was a close one for man
between lottie and bethan

both played extremely well
but mom went to a well deserved lottie who did just excel