Annabelle Holmes decisive goal secures W5 away victory over OMT

In a true ‘6 pointer’ clash away at OMTs, the Women’s 5th Team faced the challenge with only 11 players, making discipline a key factor in their game plan. With a midfield and forward line dominated by the young guns, the strategy was clear – pin OMT into their defence and rely on the pace and skill of the youngsters to make an impact.

With a standout performance from the young trio of Bella, Genevieve in the center midfield role, and Ava upfront displayed a seamless connection, with Ava’s super speed and skill consistently outmaneuvering her marker – all this despite the effort of the man in green. Credit to the the brilliant ‘new junior’ Mon, who dominated the right midfield, orchestrating brilliant passages of play – once she had got the expletives out of her system!

The breakthrough came when Annabelle showcased her positional prowess, converting a cross from Sarah in a clinical 1-on-1 with the opposing keeper. Niah’s skillful runs through midfield and stellar defensive contributions opened up numerous chances, keeping the pressure on OMT throughout the game.

The under-14 short corner routine, fine-tuned through a number of practice opportunities, came agonizingly close to finding the back of the net. The team demonstrated resilience and adaptability, adjusting to the challenges presented by OMTs.

The experienced defensive lineup of Bhu, Kathy, and Francine had a relatively quieter game but stood solid when tested. The final minutes saw a flurry of defensive short corners, creating some anxiety, but the team held firm. Jaz in goal exhibited great composure and made crucial saves, securing the team’s hard-fought victory.

In summary, the Women’s 5th Team showcased a blend of youthful energy and experienced composure, executing their game plan to perfection. The 1-0 victory highlighted the team’s adaptability, disciplined play, and the promising potential of their emerging talents.