Burkin brace extends M2 winning streak against Purley

1-3 Win vs Purley Walcountians
report by Andy Fell

A rare, ‘train strike free’ Saturday, saw Southgate M2s take advantage of public transport and travel away to Purley to take on their M1s

Purley, having already beaten several of the top placed teams was always going to be a difficult fixture and Southgate had to win to ensure they remained contenders for the top spot in the league. Southgate started strongly and created 4 early goal scoring chances in the 1st 15 minutes, however sadly their recent form evaded them and several excellent saves from the Purley keeper saw the scores remain 0-0. Southgate were solid in defence, with Gibson, Fell, Wicks and Liebenschutz-Jones denying Purley any early opportunities to score.

It was not until the 20th minute that a Matt Alastair break away led to a determined Will Wright finishing strongly to put Southgate 1-0 up. Not many minutes later Southgate won a PC, and a well worked routine saw Alastair deflect the ball onto a Purley defenders foot on the line. Injection specialist, Giulio Ferrini picked the rebound off the defenders foot and pushed the ball over the line, however unfortunately the umpire had blown a second too early to award a PS. Sam Patterson stepped up to take the PC and unfortunately the in form keeper made a fantastic save to keep the score 1-0. Continued pressure from Southgate saw another PC awarded on 25 minutes.

This time, flicking from the top, Drew Burkin decided to avoid all risk of hitting another defenders foot, by burying the ball into the roof of the goal to put Southgate Southgate 2-0 up. Purley responded immediately and won a PC which brought about the save of the game from Southgate keeper Akshay P, who somehow managed to bat away a powerful and well directed hight to his right hand post. The score remained 2-0 at half time. In the second half, Purley stepped up their intensity and won 2 PCs in the 1st 10 minutes.

Unfortunately for Southgate, Purley converted their second PC with a well directed, low flick to to pull the score back to 2-1. Southgate remained calm and in control, and at 50 minutes won another PC. Burkin, having converted his 1st corner, decided to replicate almost exactly, directing corner No2 high into the roof of the Purley goal to put Southgate 3-1 up. Southgate came very close to increasing their lead following some great efforts by Bird, Smee, Wright and Mccrossan, however the game ended 3-1 to Southgate. Big thanks to Purley and the umpires for a great game and hosting! The victory keeps Southgate in the hunt for the leagues top position and made for a fun journey home.