England Hockey Governance Review

England Hockey is carrying out a wide-ranging review of the structure of hockey from top to bottom. It affects all clubs, leagues and umpires associations. It affects all seniors, juniors and veterans.


The aim is

  • to bring all leagues under one structure
  • simplify existing arrangements
  • improve consistency and transparency.


The biggest impact for players is the creation of new regional leagues. It is proposed that clubs will play in one region for all their teams. Southgate competes in a several different leagues (London, Middlesex, South, East, Middlesex) across the club. The proposal is for Southgate to play in a new Greater London League although we are on the border with a new East League too.


Southgate is discussing the impact of these proposals with England Hockey and potentially some modifications. We are a big club, on the border of two regions and play across a number of leagues. The impact is potentially very significant for us compared to how we operate now, particularly below men’s and ladies’ 1s. You can view the England Hockey presentation here




Your opinion matters. We would like to know what you think. Please send your comments to southgatehc.governance@gmail.com


Thank you,

Neil Murphy

Chairman, Southgate HC