England Hockey structural upheaval – Southgate has its say

Did you know there are 40 different sets of hockey-league rules in England?

And more than 100 associations governing the way we play, umpire and coach the sport we love?

Maybe you wonder why you play against teams 40 miles up the motorway but not those just 4 miles away…

…Well, your management committee has been busy talking to England Hockey (EH) about getting a good deal for Southgate in a proposed deep-rooted shake-up that could change all that.

A restructure will affect every single one of us playing, umpiring and coaching hockey in England. Even you!

It’s the subject of a new resolution being voted on by clubs – including Southgate – at the EH annual general meeting on March 17.

The wording of the final resolution is still being worked up, but once it’s out – maybe even as early as NEXT WEEK – your committee will be canvassing YOUR views and time will be tight. So watch this space and make sure your voice is heard.

In the meantime, be prepared and read the proposals, in full or as a summary, by following this link : CLICK HERE