Flutes 10 defeat Old Cranleighans with stunning last gasp goal!

Our first over-45 league game of the season away to OC proved a hard sell and with Andrea struck down with a last minute cold bug we were down to 10 players.  With Hells unavailable in goal we were very grateful to Pea Page for offering to pad up for the team.  Arriving in driving rain there were definite murmurs in our car about shortening the halves or even going straight to the teas!  However, amazingly, as we emerged from the changing rooms the sun appeared and things did not look quite as daunting.

We started cautiously, conscious that our opposition had 3 subs, but quickly gained confidence and found our rhythm.  Despite the difference in numbers the teams were evenly balanced which produced some lovely passing moves and great interceptions. With the low sun now creating full glare ,both teams focussed their attack down the right sides Flutes had a little more possession but the defences held firm preventing any serious chances on goal.

Buoyed by the fact that, despite only having 10 players, we were more than holding our own we  began the second half with greater belief. With less dazzle from the sun we opened up our play by swinging the ball confidently to both sides.  Knowing that their keeper is the very proficient GK for the London over-60s, we knew that finding the net was going to require something special.  A PC 5 minutes from full-time saw Pat Treacy send a hard injection to Caroline Hunt at the top of the D who cracked the ball to the left of the keeper, Karen Lam made a run for the deflection but the shot caught the inside of the post ricocheting onto the backboard and giving the keeper no chance of making a save .  Brilliant!  💪🏼👏🏼. OC pushed hard for the last few minutes but our defence held firm to play out a famous victory. 

It is fair to say that despite the great camaraderie in the squad  we do not win many Flutes games., often due to competing in O45 competition when too many of us are well south of that number. So it was really enjoyable to take part in a competitive match played in good spirit and produce such a great  all round team performance – thus no WOW for this match  Thanks to our opposition for their hospitality and a big shout out to our captain Lynn  – who spends hours organising and ensuring the games happen – despite being injured and unable to play. 👍🏼👏🏼.

Next up 4th December at home v Ashford . 🏑🤸‍♂️