U28 Boys never fail to entertain

It was a very wet Sunday afternoon and the M1s had kindly warmed up the crowds on the balcony in Stadium Trent Park when the mighty Southgate U18 Boys met South London rivals Wayfarers for their first round match of the EH Tier 1 Plate – the very competition in which they won the National title only 6 months ago. 

It was in fact the reigning Tier 1 Plate Champions vs the reigning Tier 2 Cup Champions – what a draw for a first round match. Wayfarers proved to be a formidable albeit tough if not rough opposition on this day and the very first scene of this match would set the tone for the 70 mins to come. The boys in red won the ball at their own 25 and off the counter attacking train went. Vivek Dongha was sent, the last defender was skilled up and with incredible pace he was free on goal. Surely that was going to be an early lead …. except that last defender brought Vivek down just before the 25. The only question remained whether the yellow card was 5 or 10 mins … the umpire decided for … none. 

With that in mind, the opposition kept up their physical presence and it became clear that this was going to be a tricky afternoon. Frustration settled in and the longer the first half went on, the more the scales seemed to tip in the oppositions favour, eventually resulting in a 2-0 lead to Wayfarers at halftime through some well tanken albeit sloppily defended goals. 

A halftime bollocking and some tactical changes later, it was time for the boys im red to redeem themselves in the remaining 35 mins. The instructions were clear – start winning 50/50s and a full press. And boy, this lot did redeem themselves. With never ending energy, grit and determination the boys forced their way back into the match. Wayfarers were rattled and chance after chance was created. One of these resulted in another penalty corner. And now it was time for the Philipp Boeser show to begin. 
Philipp joined us on a season long loan from German giants Frankfurt 1880 on transfer deadline day and he stepped to take this PC – a drag flick later the keeper was beaten and the boys were back in the game. But at least one more goal was needed …. only 5 mins later Lucas Jaehnig intercepted the ball and what followed was a beauty of an equaliser. Carrying just beyond the halfway line Lucas saw Philipp making his lead in the opposition circle – a reverse stick 50 yard pin point rocket of a pass and a seemingly impossible deflection by Philipp meant the boys in red had turned this match around. With the stroke of time Veysal Demir denied the opposition with a world class penalty corner save a last grasp winner and then it was shootout time. 

5 confident takers were quickly found and the drama was meant to take it’s course. 

1-0 Leo “Iceman” Garner rounds the keeper and has enough tine to carry it back to the goal line to tap in.

 1-1 so close Veysal

2-1 Will “Quick foot” Biggins dances left to right and taps in reverse

2-2 so close again Veysal

3-2 Philipp “cheeky” Boeser with a quick body faint and reverse lift over the keeper’s shoulder

3-2 yessss Veysal

4-2 Scott “The Force” Ramsay leaves no doubt he would convert

All eyes on Veysal for Wayfarer’s fourth shuffle …. yesss he does it again !!!

The boys have rewarded themselves for showing some great spirit in the second half and now the next round awaits in the new year. #Letswinitagain

MoM: Philipp BoeserGoal Scorers: Philipp Boeser (2)Shuffles: Leo Garner, Will Biggins, Philipp Boeser, Scott Ramsay