A great day to play hockey: cold and sunny.
Overall a very solid performance for Southgate, from start to end. Good control of the ball, good defending and fast counter attack that made the game enjoyable for the players and the (6) spectators.
The score at the first half was 1 : 1 with East London scoring first by short corner and Southgate levelling soon after thanks to Rich Martins, well assisted by Lik.
At the start of the second half East London took the lead again from a short corner making it 2 : 1 but Southgate eventually recomposed, start pushing and scored 3 more goals with Rich again (almost a copycat of the 1st goal), Waqas (ready to deflect from the second post) and finally with Freddie, able to win a 1v1 vs the GK and to hit on goal from an (almost) impossible angle.
A truly deserved win.
Positives: control of the ball; good ball switch around the defence line; control and mapping of the opponent; good team ethos and effort: scoring goals.

Negativities: to many short corners given away (see DoD);

Southgate scorer: Rich-2, Waqas-1, Freddie-1
MOM Rich Martin
DOD  Lorenzo Giunta