Hotshots vs Crashers

Hotshots W 5-2

report by Jo Price

We had clear blue skies and a very warm  morning for this  rescheduled match and there was great relief that both teams had a keeper. At the end of the half term it had been bit of a  struggle to get the teams out, but we got there in the end to produce a quality clash which belied the 5-2 score line.

DSC06091 Megan Lam passing to Bhu McJennett – Jo Price

Hotshots keen to maintain their winning streak, worked well as a unit transferring neatly around the back linking well with the midfield and unleashing our forwards for some great runs at goal. Despite the absence of top scorer  Ella ‘dynamite’  Duthie we had on our shooting boots in the form of birthday woman Caitiin HC who dazzled her way down the pitch to score a hat-trick.  She was backed up well by Lottie Rachel who also found the back of the net and some great running by Lynn Bryden and Karen Lam who struck the ball at the keeper, forcing her to kick out to her defender who, facing the wrong way, inadvertently scored an own goal.  

DSC06093 Otty De Vries on the ball with Rhi Hart in pursuit – Jo Price

The game continued to ebb and flow with some strong running from Amy ‘Kokky’ Kokinos, this week guesting for the Crashers, and Clarissa Schilling, in her first game since giving birth to her second child, making strong runs into the Hotshots D and were eventually rewarded with their first goal.  

DSC06094 The James women on opposite teams. – Jo Price
DSC06095 Shots captain Julie Rodriguez laying off the ball – Jo Price

Three quarter time saw the departure of defensive stalwart Zoe Griffiths and, determined to get another score on the board, the Crashers pressing hard for a second and were rewarded when a cross from their right was met by Sophia Sellick who struck the ball towards the inside of the  post where Kokky was ready to finish the move.

DSC06097 Charlotte Rodgers on the ball for Shots. – Jo Price
DSC06101 Megan Lam looking to pass to Vicky Greensmith – Jo Price

The game finished at 5-2 with the Hotshots holding on to their winning record and we all happily repaired to the bar for cake and refreshments.  A slight malfunction of the camera means no action photos with this report but happily we have some phone pics of the cake!