Saturday 31st May (from previous week)

Hotshots vs Shots

Hotshots W 5-1

report by Zoe Griffiths

With an unbeaten streak under our belts, the Hotshots confidence was high going into this week’s game against the Shots! The weather also reflected our team name at a scorching 24 degrees! Our opponents fielded a strong side but were without a keeper. From the outset they used their extra field player to great advantage, playing out confidently from their experienced back line of Jo B, Jenny Seymour, Sums Sze Tam, and Kim BL to surge through the middle and across to the wings. Nevertheless, our goalkeeper Liv Richardson still managed to keep her cool. This was her second time in goal, but she was anything but a novice, denying the opposition’s shots multiple times and confidently calling transfers round the back four. Our defense was a wall of seismic proportions only comparable to the walls of Troy. With Jo Price and Kathy Hammond acting as towers of experience and class and Zoe Griffiths patrolling the sweeper’s position to keep their shots to a minimum, our juniors Lucille Lovell and Dalya Orhan displayed some superb tackling and stick skills when under pressure. This was not the only time youth shone. Just as a river overcomes all in front of it and chooses its own path, Megan Lam took on the role of centre mid and distributed the ball with ease. At one moment she eliminated players and drove to the D with determination, at another moment she enabled the brilliance of others with her calm and accurate passing. Also in the middle was Milly BC and Fran Fell, who made her debut for the team. Fran didn’t disappoint in her first game for the team and frequently created game winning situations both by her passing and tackling on the right hand side. The hot weather didn’t affect Milly either as she cooly eliminated players and timed her passes for the forwards to perfection. Our forwards were also bringing the heat. We had a winning combination of Lynn Bryden, Lottie Rachel, Ella Duthie and Julie Matsuo. Lynn never stopped chasing down their defence and putting them under pressure, which helped us to keep the ball in their 25. Both Lottie and Julie were causing quite a few problems for their defence due to their searing pace and fiesty stick skills. Nevertheless, it was Ella who was on fire, tucking away 5 goals for the team. However, ten minutes before the final whistle, the Shots found our net. It was another hard strike from Amy “Kokky’ Kokkinos across the circle, with VBL (guesting for the Shots) in a good position to deflect the ball for a hard fought consolation goal. The game was strongly contested, but with no goalkeeper and a good performance from our juniors, the Hotshots were able to maintain their winning ways. The Hotshots are definitely living up to their name with their latest 5-1 win against the Shots.   #Hotstreak

Best wishes,

Zoe G and Jo Price (Captain and co-captain of the Hotshots)