L3s bring home 3 points and a clean sheet

Result : Southgate 3s 6 – 0 West Hampstead 2s

Match Report : Michelle Joubert

Woman of the Week : Lottie Rachel & Steph Taylor

It was an absolute GOAL FEST for us this past weekend, more than making up for the struggles of our first league game! Our first goal came within minutes of pushback with a sneaky reverse pop right over the goal keeper from none other than Julie Rodriguez.

Our fantastic umpires from West Hampstead kept a note of all the goals and when they were made, which makes writing this report an absolute breeze this week!

The team linked up so well this week and after a training session with Lucca, who in no other word, told us we must learn to score goals, we sure showed him!

JRods goal came at 4 minutes in followed by our second goal at 5 minutes. It is at this point I wish the umpires knew all of our names to recall which order all the goals came in!

At 5 mins, 13 mins and 16 mins we smashed in another 3 field goals, hard to say the order in which this was done but between myself, Lottie and Cob we kept banging them in, each and every goal through the efforts of the entire team, getting the ball moving quickly, around the oppo and into the goal!

22 minutes into the first half we got our 5th goal from a PC, again, there were just so many goals I could not recollect who this one was from! (The team no doubt will correct me this evening at training!)

The second half saw us keep a clean sheet, big up Hells in goals for taking on some one on ones and keeping that score line at down for West Hampstead!

Our final goal came in the 20th minute of the second half, this one I remember was from Lottie who drove down the line, entered the circle, maintained a calm about her as she waited for the right moment to pop the ball into goals!

Another incredible week of work rate form everyone on the pitch, with Woman of the Week votes going to Ellie HC, JRod, Cob, Enrica, Meg and a tie at top for Lottie and Steph!

Well done everyone! We hope you will come and support us this Saturday at home against UCL, 3pm on the Sand Pitch.

Southgate 3s 6-0 WIN vs West Hampstead 2s

Match Sheet:

Michelle “Co-Captain, terrible match report writer and scorer of 2 goals this week!” Joubert

Caroline “Co-Captain and scorer of 1 goal this week” O’Brien

Julie “super centre mid & scorer of goal number 1 this week” Rodriguez

Lottie “Woman of the Week and 2 x goal scorer this week” Rachel

Steph “thank goodness she couldn’t play 2s and Woman of the Week” Taylor

Ellie “comes out of nowhere to save the Day” HC

Enrica “knows how to get the ball to the forwards” Tagliasacchi

Ella “glad she could make it to beef out our bench and get to all those balls from Enrica” Duthie

Sarah “brought the ball pace for the match and the goods (famous Woodrow chocolate cake!) for post match” Tingle

Mim “mid field extraordinaire at keeping it tight” Sherlock

Hells “kept a clean sheet” Argyrou

Meg “made all the right decisions” Lam

Liv “all the good tackles and no injuries” Richardson