L4s winning streak continues at a very wet Paddington Rec

Result : Southgate 5 – 2 Hamsptead & Westminster

Match Report : Megan Lockheart

Woman of the Week : Lily Freeman

The winning streak continued this weekend for our ladies 4’s, who came away from our first away game with a 5 – 2 victory against Hampstead & Westminster 6’s.

With a few last minute drop outs, and the wonderful Michelle offering to double up we were due to play with the bare 11. We arrived at a very wet Paddington Rec, where we braved ourselves for the weather and the game ahead. It soon became clear that we were potentially down to 10 players, with no word from Olive on when or if she would arrive to join us.

As the whistle went to start our game we were saved by Olive who turned up and jumped straight on the pitch, shouting to Michelle that she would warm up as she went.

With a bit of back and forth as we settled into the game we managed to get our first break, which resulted in a goal for Sophia who was on the back post to receive a wonderful ball from Olive. Our hard work continued to pay off with a second goal following the 1st quickly, with Sophia deflecting in a ball from Michelle.

The opposition then proceeded to get their first break, reminding us that we weren’t quite in the clear yet. We came back fighting and managed to win ourselves a short corner where Olive scored her 1st goal of the game bringing us up to 3-1 for half time.

Due to the unrelenting rain the two captains agreed to a 5 minute half time as no one particularly wanted to stand in the rain for any longer than necessary.

We started the second half with great momentum, with Olive quickly scoring her second and the 4th goal of the game. We kept the pressure up managed to win ourselves yet another short corner. Olive took a strike at goal but managed to get the ball back when it rebounded of the keeper, getting the ball to myself on the P-spot to score my first goal.

However, Hampstead weren’t ready to go out without a fight, they upped the anti for the last 15 minutes of the second half, really putting our press to the test. They managed to win themselves two short corners where they scored their second goal of the game. At some point in the mix Kathy made an incredible diving save on the line, helping us to maintain our lead. Our defense held their own against the attempts of Hampstead to score more goals, bringing us to a wonderful 5-2 victory! 

After everyone managed to find themselves some dry clothes we joined the opposition for teas, with our Woman of the week being voted as Lily, with votes also coming in for Kathy, Niamh, Michelle and Lucille.

Woman of the Week LILY FREEMAN