L3s come back to dominate in final Pre-Season Game

Southgate 4 – West Herts 1

Match Report : Michelle Joubert

What a turn around from last weeks match report, which I was VERY pleased to find out many people read, because I was told on a few occasions how terribly wrong I’d actually got the result, apparently I just stop counting after 4 (Here every week if anyone ever needs a slightly tweaked match report and results)! Sadly to correct last weeks results we lost 6-0!

BUT that is now very far behind us as we came back with a smashing 4-1 (I checked this result multiple times before publishing!) win this past weekend and really had a great game, the past few weeks have paid off for this squad, working well together in what felt like 30 degree heat (was probably only about 20!) and with only 1 sub!

A HUGE WELCOME to Flo, who has joined us as a new member on her return from injury to play in goals for us, an incredible comeback Flo! Well Done and it was great to have you with us!!

Another great assist from Coach Lucca on the sideline this week that had us playing the long game, grateful given the weather, and helping us keep it simple throughout!

This weeks goals came from Cob (2), Sarah (1), and yours truly, Michelle (1), our next big nod goes to Holly who worked hard to assist 3 of the 4 goals this week, all the work and none of the glory, what a team player!! A valid point from Cob on the day that the whole team does in fact help assist all the goals, but we will always try lay claim where possible, especially when our goals were as fab as they were this week and we finished on a result like this!

We cannot wait to get the league started this coming weekend with both the L3s and L4s playing at HOME! Come and support us!


Caroline “Cob” O’Brien (2)

Sarah Tingle (1)

Helena Weblin

Jenny Seymour

Mim Sherlock

Olivia Richardson

Enrica Tagliasacchi

Ellie HC

Holly Avent

Michelle Joubert (1)

Meg Lam

Flo Watkinson (GK)

Lucca Bilyard (Coach)