L3s Pre Season vs West Hampstead

Southgate 0 – 4 West Hampstead

Report by : Michelle Joubert

The excitement and competitive spirit was certainly back in the air at Southgate this past weekend! Our L3s Pre Season Squad came up against a pretty well drilled West Hampstead side, finishing the game 4-0 down.

We got off to a bit of a tough start, conceding in the first five minutes of the game (I lost track after that when the goals were scored, but I think pretty evenly across the game!).

The guidance from our new coach Lucca was just what we needed, with a great half time talk that got us playing much better hockey in the second 35 minutes of the game!

Lucca trying to figure out how to get us out of the West Hampstead SUPER press they brought with them this weekend!

A lot to take away and bring into training and the upcoming pre season game this weekend. The squad are keen to get going, taking in all our lessons learnt form the West Hampstead game, and with a few more weeks playing together, those goals will be incoming!

Holly Avent making the race for the ball look much easier than the oppo alongside her!

We welcomed back some very familiar faces this weekend too, having made some much anticipated cameos over Summer League, we were all buzzing to have Caroline Rowe, Mim Sherlock and Jenny Seymour back on the pitch with us all!

Thank you to Lucy Sheffield for all the fantastic photos!