LADIES 1s beat TOP OF THE TABLE Wimbledon 2-0!

Scorers : Katie H, Emily M

MoM: Zara R & Hannah K

DoD : Lucy Leel

This week we were excited to host Wimbledon 2s – another top of the league clash that Southgate felt pumped for. After practicing some new tactics in training, we felt confident in our game plan and couldn’t wait to get onto the pitch.

From the start, Southgate applied heavy pressure to Wimbledon’s outlet which they struggled to cope with. We maintained this pressure and were confident in our pressing structure – this made it difficult for Wimbledon to find a gap. After a midfield breakthrough, which lead to a string of corners, Emily Meredith slotted one to the back board from left slip: Southgate 1- 0 Wimbledon.

We continued to maintain this pressure, and had most of the possession throughout the second quarter – we were unlucky to convert some awesome chances which flew past the posts. Our reaction to turnover by jumping back were the best they had been all season, creating an even greater challenge for Wimbledon – this began to make them frustrated.

After an outstanding flick from Katie from a penalty corner Southgate went up 2-0, releasing some of the pressure that was created from a one goal difference in the final quarter. Notable mentions must go to Zara for saving a controversial penalty flick, and man of the match Hannah for their consistent work efforts, persistence in tackles and leads. We look forward to welcoming Chelmsford at home this weekend.