Ladies Matches w/e 12.12.20

L3’s vs Harrow 5-2 (W) – Away

Goal scorers: COB (2) Maz (2) Hattie S (1)

L4’s vs Teddington 3-1 (W) – Home


Compared to the first match we played against this oppo, our performance on Saturday as a team was such an improvement. It just shows how far we’ve come and how much fitter and slicker we are now.  From defence to attack everyone played their part, so thank you for that.

The oppo were playing very high and the defence and mids did a fantastic job to ensure all players were marked. We looked dangerous on the break and demonstrated that we had speed just as much as they did. Taanya put us 1-0 up early on with a great touch around the goalie on the left post – this shows we listened to Helen’s message to get on the post before the match! Unfortunately the oppo equalised very quickly; if we can we need to make sure we don’t get lax after scoring and hold onto our lead. Thankfully Sophia speed demon Sellick came to the rescue and popped 2 past their goalie. We put them under an immense amount of pressure when they were on the ball and there was a real concerted effort by all to slow them down and cut down their options. It’s fair to say they were running out of ideas by the end.

An extremely well deserved Woman of the Week to Laura, our immense goalie. At one point Laura saved 3 or 4 shots in a row and I must admit we had to stop gawping in amazement in the attack.