M3 class wins through in 4-0 win over M4 in derby clash

Southgate M3s vs Southgate M4s


Match Report by Todd Lomas

In the highly anticipated showdown, the Men’s 3s clashed with their club rivals, the Men’s 4s, in a thrilling derby match that had fans on the edge of their seats. The atmosphere was electric as both teams, competing in the same league, had a point to prove. Could the 3s stay unbeaten, and could the 4s earn the bragging rights of ruining this for them?

From the opening whistle, the intensity was palpable as players fought tooth and nail for possession, displaying unwavering commitment to their respective teams. Despite the rivalry, there was mutual respect on the field, with both sides showcasing the spirit of sportsmanship throughout the match… most of the time. The 4s, aware of the significance of the occasion, put up a commendable fight, refusing to be overshadowed by their league-leading counterparts.

The breakthrough for the Men’s 3s came in the first quarter when a poorly executed penalty corner resulted in a ball coming across from Charlie Rookes for Lum Chau to deflect in on his reverse, finding the back of the net. As the match progressed, the Men’s 3s continued to try to assert their dominance, adding to their lead with clinical finishing from Captain Lucca and the ‘One Eyed Bandit’ Kabir Bowry, both with slick skills around the keeper from 5 yards to increase the goal difference.

The 4s, however, were not willing to concede defeat easily. Their defence put up a resilient effort, making it difficult for the 3s to extend their lead. The midfield battle was intense, with both teams striving for control and dictating the tempo of the game. The 4s had moments of attacking brilliance, testing the 3s’ goalkeeper and creating opportunities that, unfortunately, went unanswered. With Alex Christie throwing bombs at the back, Saj Saha running riot in midfield, and Freddie Trathen tricksily traversing the circle – it was a constant battle to keep the scoreline positive.

The final goal came from a bit of individual quality when Jez Donaghue slotted a precise reverse hit from the shoulder of the D, through a crowd and betwixt the keeper’s legs. That pure quality and finesse were impossible to stop, and despite having a top keeper between the sticks for the 4s, Sam Rowson, the shot was a goal, and the goal was the final blow. In the end, the Men’s 3s secured a convincing 4-0 victory, maintaining their position at the top of the league.

Despite the scoreline, the Men’s 4s displayed commendable fight and resilience, earning the respect of their adversaries and the spectators alike. As the final whistle blew, the players exchanged handshakes and congratulatory words, acknowledging the significance of the derby clash. Southgate Men’s Hockey Club can take pride in the display of talent and grit exhibited by both teams in this memorable derby match.

Once all the handshakes and congratulatory word nonsense were done with, there was one final mission on hand for both teams…the magnificent, the amazing, and the damn right sensational Alastair Whatley’s 40th Birthday.