Toil and trouble but no bubble for doughty M7’s in Merchant Taylor showdown

Mens 7s vs Merchant Taylors M4’s
1-0 Loss
Match report by Os Bate

M7s travelled to Merchant Taylors school near Watford to revenge a 1-0 home defeat to Old Merchant Taylors 4s last year. We had a good mix of youth and experienced players, and a win was definitely within our grasp. We started well, dominating possession with our forwards James Lockheart, Fin Batchelor, Peter Roughton and Zack Michaels (making his debut for a men’s team) pressuring OMTs to defend well in their own half. As the game wore on though, OMTs made some forays into our half and one such advance saw a ball kindly fall to one of their forwards who did not waste the opportunity. We continued to pressure but during one attack, Zack had to take a rest after being struck hard by the ball when a defender panicked with his clearance. Zack had been playing a blinder up until that point.

The second half saw more pressure from Southgate inlcuding a couple of short corners, but we just couldn’t convert our chances. OMTs didn’t let up either however and some sterling defending from Stephen Glynn-Jones, Luke Mather, Giles Weblin and Leon Flack prevented the oppo from increasing their lead. Neil Commons was also solid in goal and made some crucial saves, dashing from his line on a couple of occasions to save the day. Our midfield, shored up by Mark Mather, Michiel van Soest, Amar Johal and Simon Bate, distributed the ball well, defending and attacking as required with the ebb and flow of the game. Alas, the game ended 1-0 but M7s can be proud of playing a superb team game and supporting each other throughout. Indeed, this was reflected in the fact that no less than 7 members of the team received Man of the Match votes. Leon Flack however, deservedly won the most votes for his tireless and precise defending and attacking forays down the left.