M4 start with 10 but finish with 3 points against Wapping

Match Report by Sam Rowson
Southgate M4 vs Wapping M2
4-3 Win

The morning of Southgate m4s vs Wapping arrived and 2 of Southgate’s finest arrived in the changing rooms (the rest of the team took the meet time as a suggestion) and began to prepare for another tough match. As our captain leisurely strolled into the changing rooms we came to realise we would only have 10 players to start as Zech had been caught by the East London public transport system. Nevertheless it was all in from the warmup and as we begrudgingly let the umpires start the match we realised that we would need an 11th man if we wanted to have a shot in this match. Our defensive line of David, Alessandro, Yu and Luke put a huge shift in to keep the team in it and ,as zech finally arrived 10 minutes in, Southgate began the attack. Whilst Zech may have left his time piece at home he clearly still had his skills intact as he slotted a goal home to bring the score to 1-0.

Wapping clearly weren’t very happy about this as they decided to score with a slip left on a short corner. 1-1
With limited time before half time our forwards were looking shattered when our 12th man, Huw, arrived from school to give the forwards a well deserved break. Ito however decided that if the forwards weren’t going to score he would and he slotted it just past the keepers legs making it 2-1 Southgate at halftime

After some encouraging words from our captain, the second half began with Wapping having 12 players on the pitch. The umpires however took no notice so Southgate went all in, winning a short corner for our star flicker Huw to score. 3-1

Momentum was with us as we fended off attack after attack and another good counter led to a short corner. It was only Huw to score it. 4-1

It was looking good for the gate but due to a lack of subs our team began to feel the marathons that we had run throughout the match. A card for Saj, a mistrap and a bad touch allowed the Wapping striker to dunk the ball over our keeper making the score 4-2

We kept in it with our centre back Luke running back and forth across the D to keep up with the endless supply of Wapping strikers and as one of their players ran through our shattered defence they scored a back post tap in. 4-3

All hope was looking lost but Ito charged forward trying to clear the ball, getting a card in the process, but this allowed enough time for the final whistle to blow. A win for the 4s!

Highlights: Zech being late, Whatley almost scoring
MoM: Ito for a stellar performance and goal
DoD: Zech for being 10 minutes late for pushback