W6 in stellar defensive showing against East London

Match Report by Dervla McErlean
0-1 L

In a thrilling encounter at home in Southgate, the Women’s 6s faced off against East London W8 in a fiercely contested hockey match. Sarah and Howie took charge on the sidelines, while Didi showcased her prowess in midfield, eager to drive her team forward.

Right from the start, East London applied intense pressure with a high press, testing Southgate’s defensive resolve. Chloe emerged as a stalwart in defense, demonstrating impeccable stickwork and tenacity against the opposition.

Despite the initial onslaught, Southgate rallied, spurred on by a halftime pep talk from Howie and Sarah. Howie’s encouraging words to Hannah, who overcame a fish finger related incident and start to deliver a spirited performance in the second half.

Umpires Jo and Tony ensured fairness throughout the match, though Southgate found themselves facing numerous attacking short corners from East London. Midway through the first half, East London capitalized on one such opportunity, scoring from a quick deflection at the left post, much to Dervla’s disappointment.
Meanwhile, Helen and Kim maintained their trademark communication, with Helen orchestrating transfer around the back. Kim and Andrea anchored the defense, providing guidance to Hannah, Dervla, and Chloe in their evolving roles.

Throughout the entire game, Kathy shone as center midfield, frequently stretching the play wide. Kate dazzled on the right midfield, showcasing her skills with the ball.

The forward line, comprising Lynn, Jos, Lilly, and the dynamic Bhu, tirelessly ran the channels, keeping the East London defense on their toes.

Overall, Southgate put in another stellar defensive display, showcasing resilience and teamwork throughout the match. Despite the result not in their favor, the team displayed determination and unity, laying the foundation for future success.