Men enjoy a perfect day

The men enjoyed a perfect day on Saturday; played nine, won nine!!

M2s win 2-0 v Bromley & Beckenham. The win sees the M2s consolidate their third place in London Prem.
M3s win 4-3 v Spencer. The M3s move back up to the top of the table with other results going their way.
M4s win 7-1 v Bromley & Beckenham. Although only separated by one place in the table, clearly there was a gulf between the sides on Saturday!
M5s win 2-0 v London Edwardians. Boosted by four U18s and two Over 40s, the M5s put in a solid performance to beat second placed Edwardians.
Flagons win 2-1 v Bromley & Beckenham
Magnums 60’s win 3-2 v Richmond
Pitchers win 8-1 v Potters Bar
Tankards X win 8-1 v Letchworth
Tankards Y win 6-0 v Stevenage

Unfortunately the M1s were unable to complete a perfect weekend on Sunday going down 5-0 against Canterbury in a friendly before they resume league action this coming weekend.