Relatively Speaking- Kim & Victoria Bishop-Laggett

This week we meet our new co-chair of selectors Kim and Victoria who along with Dad/Husband Richard and daughter/sister Charlotte form a big SHC family. From love at the Walker Ground to ‘messy’ tours to Jersey to the joys and challenges of playing together – it’s a great read. 


I joined Southgate in 1988 and, after trials at New River Sports Centre, I received a lovely letter from Paula Barron and found myself in the Ladies 3s. In the following years I played in most of the Ladies sides and even the dizzy heights of the 1st team. 

The Walker Ground Bar was often buzzing on a Saturday night after a busy day of games and it was one of those nights that I met Richard. It was 1990 and he was playing for Adelaide against Southgate the next day in the Middlesex Cup final – they lost heavily 9-2 – nothing to do with me! Richard joined Southgate the year after and is one of a few people who have been members of both the Hockey and Cricket Club at the same time. For many years we never left the Walker Ground, we were there all year round. 

We have both sat frequently on the committee over the years in various roles and organised many social events. Some may still remember the infamous cheese and wine parties, the club supper at the dining rooms on Green Lanes and some very messy tours to Jersey and Guernsey. 

These days I play for the 5s and the Flutes, Richard umpires on the National Programme and plays for the Pistons in the Summer. Charlotte no longer plays but Victoria is back this year and it has been lovely to have her playing, she has even guested in the Flutes!

We did once get all 4 of us on the pitch at the same time in a Magnums/Tankards mix-up. These days we try to watch Victoria when we can although I am not sure she always wants us there, I shut my eyes most of the time.


I started off in the Minis on a Sunday morning and played my first adult season at 15 in the 3s/4s. When I was 16, I got a place at Oaklands Hockey Academy and played at St Albans. Last season I got into the England Colleges Squad and came back to Southgate for the 2020/21 season where I started playing with the 3s and am now helping the 5s out and playing with my mum.

There was goalkeeper training at juniors and my mum asked if I wanted to have a go and so I said Yes. I didn’t like my first session though, I found it too hard and boring, but I tried again a few weeks later and loved it! 

I have played with my mum and my dad (both as painful to play with as each other). When I play with my mum, she must play up front because she doesn’t answer to ‘mum’ and we just end up arguing – the further away the better. I play with my dad in the Tankards mix-ups but he’s my biggest critic and makes me nervous because he will watch my every move. He’s better to play with than my mum though because he will listen and not be so argumentative. I also played with my sister Charlotte in juniors when our age groups crossed over, but she would never pass to me because I was her little sister.

Hockey takes up most of our weekend and revolves around all three games. I usually don’t get a spectator at my game because my dad will be umpiring somewhere, and my mum will be playing so we are all over the place on a Saturday. I quite like it that way because I rarely let my dad watch my games and mum gets too nervous and says she looks away most of the time anyway.

In the first lockdown it was fun because we could go to the pitches and practice, the weather was nice, and we could go into the garden with the Crazy Catch. But I haven’t had my kit out since this lockdown was announced so it might have cobwebs in it. 

When hockey can go ahead again, I hope to play and train with my university team and carry on the season with Southgate. Next season I want to get involved in some goalkeeper coaching and carry on my university hockey.