This week we chatted with Ladies 1 midfielder Ellie Robinson. From her experience being promoted to the National League, the strong start to seasons the team made prior to lockdown and her tips to keep you fit through February.

Southgate v Chelmsford – East Conference, Women’s Hockey League at Southgate Hockey Centre, Trent Park, London, , England on 26 September 2020. Photo by Simon Parker/SP Action Images

When did you and what led you to join Southgate HC?

I joined Southgate when I was about 9 years old. I’d been watching my older brother train for a few weeks before and wanted to join in.

Before you joined where did you play?

 I spent my whole time as a junior at Southgate, briefly left to play at Durham University, but am now back! 

What have been the highlights of your time at the club?

My playing highlights of playing for Southgate would have to be either being part of the team that got promoted to the National League in the 2015/16 season, or going to the U16 National Finals in Wakefield. But the best thing about Southgate has definitely been the people and it is so great to be able to play with my friends!

How long have you been captain/coached X team?

 I have only been coaching the Women’s 4s since the start of this season alongside Milly, but have thoroughly enjoyed it so far and can’t wait to get back out there!

How has the team been getting on this season?

The team has had a great start to an obviously difficult season. They’ve made great progress and managed to finish off their games before Christmas  by convincingly beating second in the league 3-1, so there is LOTS to be excited about when the season resumes. 

When not playing  what do you in your non hockey life?

I’m in my first year out of University and am training to become an Accountant so unfortunately most of my non-hockey life at the moment is revision and exams, but outside of that I love playing Golf, Netball, and any kind of sport really.

How have you been finding the last few weeks of a January lockdown and do you have any tips for us all for anything that helps you get through the days without hockey to entertain us?

I have found this January lockdown particularly tough with the dark evenings, and am very much missing hockey and my hockey pals. In terms of what’s been helping me, I have found that skipping is my new fave form of exercise and I would recommend it for anyone, especially anyone who’s not a natural born runner like myself. Find some skipping workouts on YouTube to follow and they’re much more entertaining. And the Crown on Netflix is brilliant – there’s 4 series so plenty to fill the evenings!

What are your hockey ambitions for your team, for you and for the club?

The W1 have had a great start to the season and we’re sat 1 point off top of the table, so I’m hoping at some point we will be able to push and compete for promotion in that league. But at the moment I am just hoping we can get back out there sooner rather than later and play some great hockey with my pals!