Southgate 4As tough start against Shefford & Sandy 2s

Shefford & Sandy 2s vs Southgate 4As

East 4SW

HT 2-2        

FT  4-3        

Southgate Goals:

2 Rich Martins

1 Fergus Comrie

MOM:   Rich Martins

with tied second = Connor Wright, Jai Martins & Fergus Comrie

A sunny day away at Shefford & Sandy 2s, one of our longer journeys, was always going to be tricky. We started in 4-3-3 shape and moved the ball well. With around 10 minutes gone a decent team move saw Fergus Comrie nudge the ball home for a good goal. Not long after we gave away a short corner and from a very old school drill of “stop and smack” the back board was resoundingly rattled. 1-1. After another 5 minutes of back and forth we had the ball in defence on the right only for Jai and Saj to engineer a noce exit to Hargrove in midfield and on to Fergus in space on the left. Chris Ray over lapped and was found by Fergus, the ball went in and was well finished by Richa Martins, a great goal and good to be ahead again. It didn’t last long though as S&S built pressure a ball was slung into the D and from there a couple of goods deflections saw then score a well worked goal. 2-2 and the break was probably a fair reflection.

Once we restarted S&S only employed  a half court press and having handled the ball well we then lost it, they countered well and score a goal that was disappointing to concede. The game was then in a lull for 10-15 minutes. We sadly conceded again with 11 minutes to go. From here we started to play very well, nothing to lose and managed to score with 5mins to go – Rich martins again.  The pressure was then mostly ours and a corner we were given resulted in a green card for the offender but the umpire seemed not to consider a stroke for what could have been Rich Martins hattrick…one of those things. They played out the last minute or so and had their win. It was a good natured game umpired well.

Fin Sheritan-Licata had a good game in goal and could not be blamed for any of our concessions. Connor Wright Playing his first game was a threat at shorts and used his aerials well, promising. James Rushton was solid and steady at the back with increased mobility, a good game. On the flanks Sajiv Saha was always surging forward and not giving an inch in defence whilst Stephen Gwynn-Jones had his first game for the gate. Very good to have him aboard, he played well. Will Hargrove was steady in the middle. Jai Martins on the right of midfield was industrious and played with good fluidity. Fergus Comrie operated very well on the left of midfield making good runs and being a thorn in their side. Richard Martins led the lien well and was a clear Man of the Match, always a threat and suitably direct. Raj Saha was Mr utility in the midfield and forward line, hassling and scurrying to good effect. Nayan Bhundia and Chris Ray on the forward flanks did well, offeringa threat and a release.

We go again next week at Snakes lane, hosting Luton.