Full Time 7-0

report by Neil Murphy

After a comprehensive victory last weekend this fixture was always going to be a tougher assignment with OL’s both younger and stronger this time. An experimental Tankards line up had an average age much closer to three figures than we care to admit.

As fears that the ageing legs might not last to half time let alone the full 70, our spirits were soon lifted. The relative youth of Alastair and Os emerged from the gloom of the car park and we knew that the game was on.

Skipper, John Willmott set the tone with a few Churchillian words, issued the line up and handed the baton swiftly to on-field captain,Stroller. Stroller stressed the need for pre-scanning and accurate distribution. The first half demonstrated that nobody had listened and we were deservedly 0-1 down.

Stroller gently reminded all what was expected and how useless we had been. With the threat of reprisals we regrouped for the second half determined to make amends.

What followed was an excellent comeback of committed, intelligent hockey with more pre- scanning than GCHQ. Biffi pulled the strings from sweeper via the midfield of Os and Stroller. The forwards of Anand, Alastair, Brian and Chris got stronger as the game progressed. The outcome was three goals and a 3-1 victory. The goals came from Alastair (2) and Anand. Alastair’s day was completed with a first ever card giving him a well earned rest and the source of debate well into the night.

An excellent game and perfect warm up for the watching Men’s 1’s – who would have gained much from watching this victory of age and experience.