W2’s with more good news…

here we go another little match report rhyme

but i promise it’s gonna be good this time


i come baring good news

another win from the twos


does the winning streak start now?

and i’m gonna tell you how


i’ll set the scene in the middle of buckf**k nowhere

and having to rush back to the club, how is that fair


we start the warm up with a little sing song

if youre not jamming to pitch perfect, you are all doing it wrong


we take an early lead from the top goal scoring coxy

she scoops it over the keeps, it was a little bit foxy


some cracking transfer around the back

it was no match for their attack


lily running up that line

dayum boy it was fine


ruby showing some stick skills

no seriously Charles it was brill


amazing aerials from shoiri and sheff

none were called in our favour…fuck you reff


em slots the second goal into the backboard

3 more points almost secured


we have a few people up for dick of the day

jess hurley for frog leaping away


the defender took the forwards round and round

but it was foxy coxy who ended up on the ground


she gets a roar from the boys watching her fall

“you sat her down” that was their call


caitlin’s new stick really shone

but of course no goals but she still did get mom


a cracking shot from the top of the D

can’t score a goal even for a fee


they were trying to get their shit chat heard

but it was the mighty gate with the final word